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Zipcloud Review

Price: As low as $4.95 per month

Zipcloud is one of the best cloud storage providers online. It offers a host of features and allows members to backup their data, as well as share that data with others.

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Zipcloud is one of the best cloud storage providers online. It offers a host of features and allows members to backup their data, as well as share that data with others. You can run Zipcloud on a host of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, etc. You can use many of the features, such as data scheduler, snapshot, incremental backup and versions.

The pricing structure is in line with most other cloud providers, but is rated as one of the best because of the pricing packages offered. Even though Zipcloud is still working on adding advanced features, it is still one of the best cloud services available for small- to medium-sized companies, as well as individuals.

Why the Need for a Zipcloud Review

Our Zipcloud review is conducted using our comprehensive checklist of quality characteristics. We also only use the most experience cloud experts which assists our readers in learning more about the Zipcloud features and functions in a detailed way.

Zipcloud Features

When looking at the features of any online cloud storage service, you must understand what the provider can do and cannot do for their members. During our Zipcloud review, we looked at all of these features to ensure they offered the best quality for its members.

  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Sharing and syncing capabilities
  • Mobile device access
  • Customer support availability
  • Multiple computer usage
  • Upgraded features available
  • Pricing structure affordability

Zipcloud Features

File Synchronization

The files can be easily synchronized among different computers. The files that need to be synchronized should be selected and you should decide which folder to place the synchronized files in to ensure proper sharing availability. Zipcloud helps you backup the file and makes it ready to synchronized. The data is always backed up and available when needed by any authorized user.

Mobile Access

The files can be browsed through any mobile device and then backed up can be completed along with the synchronization process. The control panel in the online help can be used to back up the file, which is also accessed through the mobile device easily. The only thing needed is an Internet connection, whether wireless or Ethernet connected. Tablets, smartphones or any other type of mobile device can go online and get into your account, as long as you have set up each device properly.

zipcloud mobile

Our Zipcloud review will help you learn how files are accessed through tablets, laptops and smart phones from anywhere and at anytime, no matter your location. The usage of flash drives and the storage devices are eliminated completely with a Zipcloud membership.

File Sharing

Files can be shared with friends and relatives at any time and from anywhere in the world through email. The Zipcloud provides a convenient way to share the files among others. The collaboration of the files are very easy. The Zipcloud has the facility to share large files, which also includes PDF files and media files.

File Security

The files uploaded are completely secured with the most technologically advanced protocols that are updated periodically. Zipcloud places a high priority of the security provided their members. The files that are uploaded in the Zipcloud are encrypted using an specific algorithm used only by this service. The algorithm used for encrypting the data is 256 bit socket layer encryption, which is one of the best in this industry.

The stored data is monitored regularly by Zipcloud. The encryption prevents any intruders or hackers from invading your files. By continually updating their security algorithms, Zipcloud can ensure that not hacking software can infiltrate any members account. Our Zipcloud review found that the security used by this provider is top quality and one of the best used in this business.

Ease of Use

The installation is also easy. Once the Zipcloud is installed, the synchronization and the backups are done in the background. There is no need to do any other work.


Updates Automatically

There is no need to work separately from synchronization. The service automatically performs synchronization of files, as soon as the files are uploaded.

Unlimited Storage

The file spaces are not limited. There is an unlimited space for backup of any files. This is the added advantage to Zipcloud, when compared to other services of cloud storage.

ZipCloud unlimited storage

Data Center

The Zipcloud spends a lot of time developing secure and fast methods for the file backups. The partnership with Amazon S3, increases a members confidence that all your files are as secure as possible. The files are also recalled in a fast manner. The file restoration is another important feature used for the cloud storage.

When file sharing and versioning concepts are made by the Zipcloud, the file backup is monitored throughout the year. So, the Zipcloud ensures that your files are not lost at any time.

Business Capabilities

The fantastic business tools are offered by Zipcloud storage. The backup of a file is very important in business and it is very easy to keep on-hand in Zipcloud. From the control panel of administration, you can see the backup of the files and even share those files with co-workers and partners through Zipcloud storage. During our Zipcloud review, we found these business features to work properly and perform without any problems.

Business Protection

The accounts should be created for each team, then backed up for all the computers of the company. The name and the email id of the team members should be inserted. The logins and the link for downloading will be sent by the Zipcloud to each team member.

The license is assigned to each user for the backup of the company files shortly after you set up each team member account. The business people, or the team users, need different spaces for their files. So, the allocation of space for the team is done by you.

The owner can monitor the work of team members and you can increase the space instantly. The business files cannot be lost at anytime because they are under your control and monitoring.

Zipcloud Reseller Program

The Zipcloud review includes a look at the reseller program. You can make additional monies off selling Zipcloud to your clients. You can easily manage these new clients, without any interference from Zipcloud. The reseller program has its own features which allow you to control each of your clients accounts, bill them each month and Zipcloud can receive these funds, paying you a percentage of the monthly charges. You essentially become a cloud storage provider of your own, but also receive special benefits from Zipcloud.

You can have your own brand developed by Zipcloud, set your own pricing structure for your customers and have banners designed for you by this provider.

The commission for a single sale of the trail account is $5 and for a paid account is $120. The commission is paid to increase the users of Zipcloud storage, as well as increase its own customer base. You can benefit from this program and build an entirely new revenue stream to your company or for yourself.

Price Structure for Individuals

The premium plan is the most popular one, which is the monthly package with following features,

  • The automation is 100%
  • The online storage is 250GB
  • The money can be returned at any time

The home plan and unlimited plan also has the above features. They vary in the online storage. The home plan has 75GB and the storage is not limited in the unlimited plan.

Price  Structure for Businesses

The prices can be customized according to the computer licenses. There are two plans. The 100GB plan has a license for 5 computers and the 500GB plan has a license for 20 computers. The features included in both plans are

  • The network drive backup is free
  • The external drive backup is free
  • The file size is extended
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • The money back guarantee

Customer Support

The Zipcloud includes customer support. The customers get the support from the Zipcloud through its online service. The support helps you learn more about the backups and the effective ways to use it.

During our Zipcloud review, we were impressed with the technical help of the Zipcloud service. The only way the customers can get to customer support of Zipcloud is online. There is no contact number or toll free number to use for help. Once the mail is received from the customers, Zipcloud replied within few minutes and assisted us any tiem of day or night instantly.


Our Zipcloud review found that this provider offers many of the same features and the most expensive cloud storage services offered. It reseller programs offers you an new sideline business that will pay for your own account and bring in additional revenues if you desire.

The availability, security features, backup capabilities and many of the other options work exceptionally when we used them ourselves. We found the provider to be stable and available whenever we needed to access our files, as well as allowed us to share those files with anyone we wanted. We were even able to access those files through any mobile device.

It is considered one of the best Cloud providers and rates very high on our top 10 list of best cloud storage services.

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