How to Share Files with MyPC Backup

MyPC backup is a new service designed to provide its users superior protection of their data wherever they have access to the internet. The backup service considers the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Hence, it encrypts all your files or data before backing them up by using the same security protocol as that of banks. To know more about the services offered by MyPC backup, continue reading this article.

Why Choose MyPC Backup?

Following are the top 10 reasons why you should use MyPC backup for your data storage needs:

  • 100% automated backups: The functions of MyPC backup is completely automated, which makes backing up of your files very easy. All you need to do is choose a schedule on your control panel or desktop application and MyPC backup will automatically perform all the necessary backups for you.
  • Encrypted and secure: MyPC backup considers the privacy and security of your data to be very crucial. It transmits all your files over a secure SSL encryption, preventing others from viewing your personal information or files without your knowledge.
  • Unlimited storage: Unlimited account customers of MyPC backup are rewarded with the choice to back up as many pictures, music, documents, videos or graphic files as they wish, for a low monthly price.
  • 24/7 customer support: MyPC backup contains the best customer support team offering you support and advice any time of the day, month and year.
  • Multiple data centers: While there are backup companies that use only one server to backup your data, MyPC backup stores your valuable data on multiple servers located across different data centers.
  • Easy to use: Without regard to the level of your computer skills, MyPC backup is designed to be absolutely easy to use by anyone.
  • Access files from any location: You can access your stored data from any part of the world, on any device, at any time, with just an internet connection. This makes MyPC backup the most convenient option for all your backup needs.
  • 100% compatible: The backup service is compatible with any type of device, including Mac, Windows, or Linux computers, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, or HTC. For your mobile devices, you can download the MyPC backup app from Apple or Google play app stores.
  • No restrictions on file types: With MyPC backup, you are provided the freedom to backup any type of file you choose, right from DOC, PDF, JPEG, XML, and much more.
  • Easy file restoration: Simple file restoration process is extremely necessary with any file backup service. You are offered this convenience by MyPC backup, which makes the backing up process simple and enables you to restore any of your files from both the desktop application and the control panel with just a few clicks.

To conclude, MyPC backup service is fast, simple, and really works. You can sign up for its free trial period usage before subscribing for a paid package, in order to experience the outstanding services offered by the provider.

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