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Free online data storage is an excellent approach for both consumers and businesses to backup their crucial data and store it online by offering access to remote employees or clients as well as secure access during travel. The fact that all data stored online are not on site simply means that a company’s or individual’s data is protected from some of the most typical forms of corruption that can influence the data stored in-house such as robbery, equipment failure, or accidental damage. While conventional storage devices such as USB flash drives, DVDs, and hard drives still own a place in the IT market, free online data storage is also rapidly evolving into one of the most widely used methods.

In simple terms, with online data storage, all your computer data will be stored on the web and can be remotely accessed from anywhere around the world. The data that can be stored online ranges from image storage, email accounts, all data stored on the hard drive of a computer, and text files, all of which can then be accessed on demand by way of a web server.

Objectives of Online Data Storage

Following are some objectives that enhance the storage features of free online data storage:

  • Cost savings: If you start using online data storage, there will be fewer requirements for storage or hardware devices. This way, you can save a lot of money that otherwise would have been invested in storage.
  • Global accessibility: All your data stored online can be accessed from any part of the world. All you need is a device with an internet connection.
  • Password protection: Free online data storage allows access to your data only after entering the correct password on the website. You can reset your password at anytime, and there are also certain services that require you to change your password at specific time intervals to ensure data protection.
  • Permanent storage: Now you do not have to worry about accidentally deleting data from your local storage devices, as online data storage allows you to easily recover those data without deleting any of your files.
  • Permissions: You can set sharing permissions for all your data stored online. All your files and folders can be designated as being view only or editable only for certain users. Some services also allow you to specify the exact portion of data that can be shared with each of your employee or user on the site.
  • Mobile access: You can access all of your stored files and folders on any mobile device such as a laptop, tablet, or even on your smartphone.
  • Website: You can store all your files in a personal website, which you can set to be accessed or shared by only those you choose. All the accessing is done via the website, which makes organizing and sharing easier.
  • Billing: All you pay is only for the amount of storage and the number of services you choose to use from the provider.

Online Data Storage


You only need to pay for the amount of storage you actually use. Also, you are not required to install any type of physical storage devices in your office of datacenter, which lessens hosting and IT costs. Storage maintenance tasks, such as data replication, backup, and buying extra storage devices can be discharged to the responsibility of your free online data storage service provider, by storing your data in the cloud.

Features of Free Online Data Storage

Following are some of the popular features offered by free online data storage services:

  • Automatic desktop synchronization: With online data storage, you can set up a particular date and time in which all the data on your computer will be backed up to the cloud automatically or those data that are located in specific folders. You can also set up data synchs to be performed daily, weekly, or at any desired interval.
  • Password protection: Your data can be accessed only after entering the right password. You can reset your password at anytime, and there are also certain services that require you to change your password at specific time intervals to ensure data protection.
  • 256-bit SSL encryption: All your login names, passwords, upload and download of files are secured through enhanced encryption. This also results in faster upload and download times, as ISPs usually do not throttle or block data that are 256-bit SSL encrypted because it is usually used for transferring highly sensitive information, inclusive of passwords, credit card details, and other financial information.
  • Text-based search engine: You can search for any file on the website, regardless of its type, and folder by just typing in the title or required keywords. However, there are certain free online data storage providers that limit this feature only to be accessed by their business or higher paying subscribers.
  • Branding: Add a color scheme and your company logo to the storage site. You may also be allowed to add custom links to other web pages, including your organization’s website.
  • Personal website: You can store your files and folders in a personal website that can be set up to be shared or accessed only by certain users. All data are accessed only through this personal website, thus making sharing and organizing of data easier.
  • Shared links: You can create links with just a click to any file or folder stored online. These links can be posted on other web pages, emailed, or sent to other users through communication methods offered by your online data storage provider.
  • File previews: Preview files before downloading them to your system. Almost all file types, such as DOC, PDF, JPEG, PPT, GIF, and XLS are supported by online data storage.

Free Online Data Storage Providers

Following are Top 5 websites that offer free online data storage services to users.

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