Space Monkey leaves Dropbox behind by offering 1TB backup hardware for just $10/month

Cloud Storage has been a trend as well as need of the day. Every online user wants to have an online cloud storage account and for that they acquire services from Dropbox, Microsoft, Google and others. When you decide to store your entire data online, the service will be very costly, suppose you are having Dropbox account, so you may have to pay $20/month for 200GB of online storage.

Space Monkey, which is new name in the field of cloud computing, gives you hardware device capable of storing 1TB of your data and it costs just $10 per month. When ever you want to store your data online, you just have to put it into a folder provided by Space Monkey and uploading will be the task the device you don’t have to bother for that.

Space Monkey announced this service a year ago, due to some technical reasons it was hard to start that service these days. Alen Peacock and Clint Gordon-Carroll, Co-founders of Space Monkey had worked a long period in previously cloud storage service provider, Mozy. That’s they had idea, how much difficult it is to maintain data centers and provide cloud storage service.

Gordon-Carroll shared his words: “This was born out of seeing inefficiencies at Mozy. Operating expenses are huge in the data center.”

He further added that maintenance of data centers costs too much, because it needs huge amount of power for consumption, providing them cooling, and looking after all problems occurred to customers. Getting rid of that complicated and expensive procedure, they announced a hardware device to put at your desktop computer and backup all the data through the device. Another thing, which made it simple, is monthly and yearly subscription packages, which provide more storage space than other cloud storage service providers and are very cost-effective. Gordon-Carroll also called the service “anti-cloud.”

Setup of Space Monkey is quite special unlike Dropbox or any other cloud storage service provider. Its setup combines power of all devices available in your homes and makes more powerful backup storage instead of depending on data centers. Now the device given to user it data center itself. Then these data centers are connected to Space Monkey to build a network, accessible from anywhere as well as any platform like Windows, Mac, Android and others.

These Space Monkey portable devices will be connected to each other always and also sharing data. That’s why there is a problem that some additional bandwidth will be allocated to them.

Investors such as Google Ventures and Polaris Partners have additionally invested $2.25 million in this small company based on 12 employees. It is very costly to utilize hardware and it requires more finance to be invested.

The team of Space Monkey has chosen Kickstarter to support the project financially and build units. The campaign has been started with a goal of raising funds up to $100,000 in a period of 30 days. Customers have also option to sign up early and get the device as well as avail the service for $99/year. But one who got late will be able to get Space Monkey device and the service $119/year.

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