One step ahead! Yahoo Mail’s partnership with Dropbox has made e-mailing easier.

Yahoo has made several moves towards advancement and got more success ever since Marissa Mayer took over the authority of Yahoo. Its recent announcement of partnership with Dropbox has attracted more users and made happy current users. This decision of Yahoo will help mail users to attach files more easily and quickly.

Now to connect Yahoo mail to Dropbox account is just one click away. Users can connect both by just logging in with their Dropbox information. After connecting both, user will have authority to attach any file available on their Dropbox to any email. Not just that, they can also save received attachments directly on their Dropbox. Users can further attach bigger attachments than 25MB by dragging and dropping the file on their email account. A surprising thing is that, recipient’s mailbox won’t be flooded because attachment will be sent through Dropbox.

Along with Gmail and Hotmail, Yahoo is third most used mail service. It is striving hard to give user the best experience of web and mobile services. When talking about online/cloud storage both Gmail and Hotmail are already offering the service named Google Drive and SkyDrive respectively. With this decision Yahoo has also joined the advanced race of providing integrated cloud storage.

Yahoo will not have the only benefit of this partnership, but Dropbox will also be able to get new customers. Yahoo Mail users can create accounts on Dropbox via Yahoo Mail accounts by just connecting them and can start using Dropbox standing in Yahoo. It means a push-up to revenue of Dropbox, once a user its free 2GB

So now users can easily attach and access their data from anywhere, whether it is personal domestic data or important official documents. Whether you send or receive files, they will be stored on your Dropbox account online, so you will be able to find and share the files even you are away from your PC.

Statement given by David McDowell, Senior Director of Product Management on Yahoo! Mail is: “Starting today,
Dropbox is available within Yahoo! Mail. This integration allows you to share and store files more easily, whether they are vacation photos or important documents like tax returns and research papers. And, because files can be stored in your Dropbox account online, it’s easy to find the files you want even when you are away from your desktop

He further said
Dropbox is available within Yahoo! Mail for the Web in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. For those of you new to Dropbox, you can quickly create an account from within Yahoo! Mail”.

Dropbox has also taken some steps to move forward like acquiring Snapjoy team to give ease to users for working with photo albums. Now user can share entire albums to email. It also has acquired popular, and hard to get into, mobile app Mailbox.

So overall, it is good news for Yahoo! Mail users as they would have full authority to save online, share as well as attach online stored files to email. Further they can save received attachment online. Creation of account on Dropbox is just a click away.

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