How to Sync your phone with a computer

Mobile technology has grown to a great extent and gone are the days when people used mobile phones just to make calls. Phones might provide a provision to take photographs, save and manage their contact list, play games etc., but one would not be able to make changes and do some editing work on all their data and that can be done only when the contents get transferred to a computer. It might be a desktop computer or a laptop, the process of syncing a phone to a computer would more or less be the same. Three most popular types of phones in the market are iPhone, Windows phone and Android phones. Each of these types of mobile phones has a slightly different procedure for syncing with the computer.

Data stored on the mobile phone can be sent to the computer through the mobile network by use of email, but the costs that would be required to make such a transfer would be very high and syncing to the computer would be the best option. Mobile users would have complete control over their stored data when they connect their phone to a computer. Instead of making alterations to the data using the small keypad of the phone, the person can make use of the keyboard, which would make editing much easier and efficient.

Syncing computer with a mobile phone would be useful only for those who want to manage their data across different scheme of things. For those who work mostly in one location or operate completely from their home do not need any syncing services since they would be able to access data they need instantly. Writers and other business people would definitely be in need of a syncing program since they would have to express their thoughts and note down all their plans and store all their data and for this, they would be in need of syncing computer to their mobile phone.

Syncing browsed files

Excessive web users might not be able to keep track of all the different web pages that they go through. This would be true in the case of researchers and writers who would often go through a lot of research papers in order to make sure that, the information collected by them are accurate. These days, browsers do allow the person to sync browsed pages, passwords, bookmarks etc. This would provide the users with clarity in the work they do since they can keep track of all their works.

Syncing contacts, photos and music

Most of the users would be syncing computer with their phone mainly to sync their contacts list. Sync program would enable the person to easily store and manage their contacts, music library and pictures from their mobile onto a computer.

Syncing notes

Microsoft Office users might have options that would help them sync their important documents. Evernote is one of the best options for people who make notes often and this would be useful especially in instances where the person would want to make important notes whilst shopping and even while travel. Evernote comes under the cloud storage category.

iPhone users

For an iPhone user, the process of syncing is very simple. All they need to do is to install the latest and iPhone compatible iTunes software application in their computer or laptop. Upon connecting the phone to the laptop, the software would automatically start syncing computer with the phone. iTunes is a platform that would allow the person to manage their contact, music, photos, applications and other data. They would be able to download it onto the computer and even upload data onto the computer.

Android users

Android users would have to download software which is provided by a third party in order to sync data related to contacts, reminders etc. with outlook.

Windows phone

Zune software should be installed by these mobile phone users in their computer or laptop. Only then, they would be able to start syncing computer with their mobile. Upon connecting the phone with the laptop, the software would automatically perform the syncing operation. The software also provides options which would enable the user to modify the sync features. They can select or deselect their choices.

Business professionals who often work using office documents would be able to make use of their mobile phone’s app store to sync all their notes, calendar etc. onto their computer. Apart from syncing computer to a phone, most people have started utilizing the cloud storage service. A free cloud storage service can be used by those who would want to save somewhere around 5 to 7GB of data, whereas those who are going to manage more would have to pay additional charges, which can be avoided if they go for syncing computer to their phone.

Online Backup Services

General syncing procedure

Step: 1 obtaining the best sync software is the most important part. Mobile users should shop around on the internet and obtain the best mobile to computer sync program. There would be a lot of providers who even offer sync software for free. Reviews about the program would provide a clear picture to the user about the reliability of the program. The program should not cause any damage to the phone or the computer and so a mobile phone compatible sync program should be downloaded. Compatibility can be ensured by checking the specifications of the software.

Step: 2 the next step would be to download the program and install it on to the computer.

Step: 3 the mobile phone should be connected to the computer through USB cable. This particular cable would come along with the mobile phone. Depending upon the type of sync program installed by the user, the program might either directly get initiated upon connecting the phone to the computer or the person should manually operate the functions in order to successfully link the system to the mobile phone.

Step: 4 after syncing the two, the user would then be able to manage the syncing process through the software.

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