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Have you ever been in a situation when you came across an interesting article or web page online on the browser of your office PC, and envied that there was a reliable method to keep reading the same article on your tablet or smartphone after you leave the office or at home? Or have you ever searched for a particular place or address on Google Maps on your laptop when in home and wanted to transfer the page to your tablet or mobile phone so that you can access it in your car when you are on the go? In all such circumstances, the first thing that will come to your mind is to email the links of those particular pages to your own email account. But, did you know that there is a much easier solution to this issue?

With the help of the Google Chrome browser, it is now possible for you to open any browser preferences, apps, bookmarks, and open tabs by simply signing in to your Google account and sync them with any of your devices, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. This feature offered by Google Chrome will help you eliminate the need of having to email URLs to yourself.

Need to Sync Web Pages

With the evolution in technology along with the changing working patterns, people have started to use more than one device to perform their daily activities. According to a survey conducted by Arbitron and Edison Research in the year 2012, the average number of computers being used in every household of the United States has been found to be two or more. This number does not even include the systems used by people at work, tablets, and also smartphones. Hence, the result of this survey makes it evident about the increasing usage of multiple devices by every household. This makes it necessary to have a consistent browsing experience across all such different platforms, which is perfectly furnished by the Sync feature of Google Chrome.

The browser of Google Chrome offers its users a secure and fast browsing experience on almost all types of devices, such as Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems, in addition to iOS and Android devices. The Sync feature offered by Google Chrome will provide you with the ability to sync auto-fill information, apps, extensions, bookmarks, passwords, Omni-box history, open tabs, themes, and settings. This will help you save ample time you spend on searching for specific information again and again on different devices and also from adjusting your browser’s settings.

For instance, when you wish to keep track of a particular website you came across at work, all you need to do is simply bookmark that site on the PC in your workstation and you can open the bookmarked page on your smartphone anytime later. Similarly, the Evernote extension you add to your PC at work from the Chrome Web Store will automatically appear on your laptop or tablet when you sign in to Chrome.

The syncing update of Chrome is also inclusive of the forward and back history of the tabs that are open on your browser. This helps you to switch between different devices and start from where you previously left off.

Google Chrome

How to Sync Your Browser to Your Other Devices?

In order to sync your browser to all your other devices, you should first start Google Chrome on your PC, may it be on your home PC or the one you use in your office. Now, click on Settings and then choose the option Sign in to Chrome. Once you select this option, you will be requested to sign in to your Google account to ensure that all the bookmarks, apps, open tabs, and browser preferences during your previous activity on Google Chrome are automatically saved to your Google account, and are synced across all devices of your choice.

If you wish to manage the different settings pertinent to the auto-sync feature offered by Google Chrome, you should click on the link Advanced and then choose Advanced Sync Settings, after signing in to your Google account. From the Advanced Settings tab, you can choose which elements of your browsing history you wish to sync to your other devices. You can either choose individual elements or choose Sync everything option. You will also be allowed to choose Encryption options through which you can enable your Google credentials to encrypt all your synched passwords.

In order to ensure that you enjoy maximum advantages of Google Chrome’s Sync feature, install its browser on all the devices you use, including your tablets and mobile phones, and enable Sync feature on all those devices by just logging in to your Google account. Once you enable this feature on all your devices, you will be able to access the same page on all those devices when you start Google Chrome. All you need to do is select the Other Devices tab at the bottom of your browser window.

Clicking on this tab will array all the tabs that are open at present or those that were open during the previous sync operation, enabling you to access them quickly and easily. The feature not only enables you to access all those tabs that you opened in your home or office PC on your tablets or laptops, but also the vice versa. For instance, if you were reading a news article on your tablet on the way to your office, you can continue reading the article on your office PC once you reach there.

Thus, Google Chrome offers an excellent feature to sync all your preferences across all your devices, making it much easier for you to share contents efficiently.

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