What is Synology Cloud Station?

Individuals and businesses that deal with large quantities of file should consider NAS storage seriously mainly for the Synology disk stations. You can find platforms that will enable you to store large quantities of data but it is not possible to find a cloud that lets you share all this data in your local network and also access them on the go. Data management should be dynamic and versatile which can be achieved only by using such cloud stations. Disk stations offer versatile data storage and management solution.

Synology Disk Stations

Synology disk stations offer excellent support for data management. Data storage, syncing and backup across multiple devices is made possible by this cloud. Disk stations with all the modern feature specifics allow users to backup and sync without losing confidentiality. Separate stations can be assigned for performing backup and sync, giving you more control over your business operation. Synology disk stations are tailor made for NAS storage solution so using it as a pair will give you good reliability.

Bay that has multiple slots can be created to perform redundant backups as and when needed. Any kind of hard drive failure is also eliminated by this system. The disk stations are designed to maintain security and integrity of the data through hybrid system. This makes sure that your data is safe even if any of the hard drives fail. All the disk stations deliver superior performance by eliminating the need for performing manual backups.


Synology cloud disk stations are easy to operate and even a non-technical person will be able to handle all the storage, backup and restore requirements he or she might have. NAS storage access works exceptionally well with Synology. All you got to do is install Cloud Station from the disk station. Once the activation process is complete, the user will be able to perform setting changes, user addition and handle other management tools. Cloud station can be installed from the Packages manager. All your highly sensitive data can be secured using this private cloud service.

Cloud station is completely different from the traditional cloud storage service wherein there is a possibility that your data could be accessed. Confidential business documents, files, client details, financial documents etc. can be protected. Your data will be at your disposal and you could set encryption settings as per your requirement. Information access management is also one of the crucial benefits.


Private cloud station will require you to monitor it round the clock which is tiring. You got to be ahead of things in order to establish control over the process. Settings management is essential so this will not be a perfect choice for those who are not aware how to do it exactly. There are some negatives that do affect users to a certain extent but the benefits certainly outweigh the cons.

Disk stations offered by Synology are the best solution for businesses that operate in teams to properly manage the storage process and give permissions to different users. Control, management and better collaboration is provided in the best manner using Synology cloud station.

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