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We our a technology people. The increase in computer usage has affected every corner of the world and many people are storing their important information on these devices. Backing up these files has become more important than every before, as well as surpassed the use of CDs or DVDs to back up our important files. Even these can become damaged or lost. With important photos, favorite movies, banking and billing information, client information and documents, as well as private information documents being kept on computers or mobile devices, getting access to these files have become even more important, whether at home, the office or traveling. Using online backup providers has become a new tool that many people and businesses are turning toward to ensure that none of these files will ever be lost. Whether your computer get infected by a virus you picked up online or a lightning strike burns up your system, you can be rest assured that your files will never be affected.

We have developed this website to conduct the most comprehensive Online Backup Reviews information. With the help of our technology experts, we have created a strict quality checklist to ensure all our recommended Online Backup Providers meet are stringent requirements. If you have used any of our recommended sites, we urge you to share your experience with our readers. Let us help you find the best cloud storage for you to use.

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Compare features, pricing and specs of over 230 Online storage providers. By viewing providers beside each other, it is easier to determine which services offer the options you are looking for in a online backup provider. Our in-depth reviews will help you decide which ones to use.

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Featured Online Backup Articles

Read these articles to better explain what cloud and online backup providers offer their users. Different providers offer different services and products, which they claim are cloud storage. However, the subtle differences can make each one work differently. You can discover those differences by viewing the articles provided. Remember to check out our Top 10 Online Backup Providers list as well as read our expert reviews.

  • What is Cloud Storage?

    The Cloud Storage technology was introduced and a lot of discussion surrounded its introduction. However, the technology industry moved on before it was truly introduced. Many IT professionals are still asking “What is Cloud Storage?

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  • What to Look for in a Cloud Storage Provider

    Cloud storage is becoming one of the most popular, cost-effective ways of storing data, sharing data and managing data online. These remote services can be access from anywhere, at anytime, by individuals and businesses across the world.
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  • Cloud Storage Risks Vs Benefits

    When looking at the benefits of cloud storage providers, many people do not understand what exactly these services can do for them. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using one of these providers:

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  • Why Do We Need Online Backup?

    Many people are wondering why they need online backup services, this includes many IT professionals. It is a newer technology and some are not sure why they need this service. However, implementing this solution into your data storage capabilities offers more advantages than disadvantages.
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  • Understanding Cloud Storage

    Understanding cloud storage service is not just for novice Internet users, but it is also being done by IT professionals. The technology is new to the market place, but if you are a beginner, then it is even more confusing to many.

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  • Is My Data Accessible to Others on Cloud Storage?

    The biggest question many cloud users are asking, is my data accessible to others on cloud storage? This is a complex question because of the capabilities most cloud providers offer. There are two types of cloud storage, public or private.

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  • Personal Cloud Storage – Who Wants It & Why?

    Personal cloud storage is being used by individuals and home business owners to backup all their files and share those files with friends and family. Cloud storage centers have become a remote way of backing up files.

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  • Will the Software Slow Down my Computer During Backup

    Looking at a cloud storage system, but wondering whether that software will slow down your computer, than here is the place to be. Cloud storage providers require you to download their software to make the connection possible

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  • Is Cloud Storage Secure?

    Cloud storage is a way of remotely storing your files on a different server. This technology makes your files accessible from all over the globe, as well as from most Internet equipment. You will be able to get online and view any of your files from your laptop or smart phone, as well as your tablet.

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  • Why Do I Need Cloud Storage Backup?

    There are many reasons why you need to start using a cloud storage backup system. The only sure way of protecting your data and never losing the information you find to be the most important is through a online backup system.

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  • 5 Security Measures to Consider for Online backup

    Using cloud services has become a part of business life. It is a cheaper way of storing and sharing data with a host of users.Using cloud service requires you to consider some basic measure to use to prevent these privacy issues and hackers breaching your files.

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  • Can I Share Files in Cloud Storage?

    Cloud storage is not just for businesses. Imagine going to the bank and not having all the documents you need. You can access your cloud storage account and retrieve any data that you uploaded to your personal account,

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