The Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Online Backup Services

So everyone around you seems to have made the switch from backing up their data on an external hard disk to storing all their documents in the cloud. Meanwhile, you’re sat grumpily in the corner, wondering what all the fuss is about and why people want you to change from a method that’s always worked perfectly well, while clutching USB drives between your fingers and muttering to yourself about “kids today.” You’ve certainly got a point – physical back up devices have always been a reliable way to keep your data safe from accidental deletions and hard disk failure, so why would you need to use anything else?

To ease you through the pain of abandoning a perfectly good habit, we’ve come up with the top ten reasons to invest in an online backup service. We think we might be able to change your mind

  1- Online Backup Services Are Automatic

Those physical back up devices you’re clutching between your fingers have a drawback you can’t help but have noticed over the years: if you want to store anything on them, you have to first put it there. If you’re following the recommended guidelines to keep your data backed up at least once per week, that means you have to spend the time and brain power deciding what needs to be backed up and then actually backing it up. Not so with an online backup service – you can set it to back up your data automatically.

 2.  Online Backup Services Don’t Rely On Memory

Simply by setting up your own schedule (or allowing it to back up automatically), you can sit back and let the online backup service do the work for you. Nobody’s memory is perfect and Murphy’s Law dictates that the one time you forget to back up your data is sure to be the one time you wish you did. Why not let your online backup service remember for you instead?

 3.  Online Backup Services Are Continuous

When you have to remember to back your data up manually, an added disadvantage is the amount of time it takes to go about it. Because of this, most of us only back up our documents at best once a week, and sometimes even less. If you’re constantly working on important documents, this is almost certainly not often enough – you might have changed a hundred things or written thousands of new words since your last back-up and, if your hard disk fails, that work is gone forever. Online backup services can back up your data on a daily basis, or even more often if necessary. You can set them to update your backups even as you’re working, which means that, in the event of a hard disk failure, you can still have access to data from mere minutes before it happened.

 4.  Online Backup Services Are Cheaper

Yes, online backup services come with a monthly price tag and yes, that price tag will usually be higher the more data you need to store. On the other hand, peripheral devices such as USB sticks don’t cost pennies either and, again, the more storage you have, the more of them you need. The starting price for online backup is lower than to use an external hard drive, server or USB stick and will remain cheaper throughout.

 5.   Online Backup Services Take Up Less Space In Your Office

Talking of external hard drives, how much drawer space do you currently use to keep your backup devices together? Even if you only store a small amount of data, it’ll still be a little bit of space and, if you store hundreds of gigabytes of work and financial data, whether on CDs or a server or USB sticks, it’ll be an awful lot more. With an online backup service, on the other hand, you’ll never need any extra room – everything is stored in the cloud.

 6.   Online Backup Services Keep Your Data Away From The Originals

And talking of storing data in the cloud, that also means that your data is stored a long, long way from your original files. This matters more than you think: what happens to your backups if your office catches fire or is broken into by thieves? Are your backup copies any more likely to survive the onslaught than your originals? Probably not, but with an online backup service, you keep your backups in a separate location, so they will still be available no matter what disaster hits your originals.

 7.   Online Backup Services Restore Your Data For You

Should the worst happen and your data end up lost, you won’t have to rely on your own expertise – or even your own time – to recover your data. An online backup service comes complete with experts capable of doing that for you, with professionals available at any hour of the day to help you out.

 8.   Online Backup Services Store Data From All Your Devices

Most online backup services include options to store the data from multiple devices in one account, which means you can also access that data from those devices without having to carry USB sticks with you everywhere you go.

 9.   Online Backup Services Give Access To Other People

Whether you work within a business or you freelance for multiple clients, you’ll know the age old problem of making sure everyone who needs to has access to a file. With online backup, anyone can jump onto the account to access it – which means you won’t need to email copies back and forth and keep renaming files to make sure nobody’s working on an older version.

 10. Online Backup Services Are The Future

There’s no denying that, as technology moves forward, backup devices will become a thing of the past. Why not get on the bandwagon now and give yourself the peace of mind and the extra time to yourself that an online backup service has to offer? Our experts have compiled comparison tables of their choices of the top backup providers for you below:

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