Trouble With Apple iCloud – Effecting Millions Of Apple Users

When it comes to IT services then no one can defeat Apple Corporation as it is a pioneer company known globally for its innovative products. Its laptops are considered the best in the market and it iPhone and iPads are a great hit in the market.  Apple Corporation faced a serious trouble with its iCloud a few days back.

The Apple users suddenly started complaining that they do not have access to their iCloud. They were unable to store data, share images and other related stuff. Apple customers where a bit shocked just like the owners of other IT companies as no one can expect such a serious service issue from a company like Apple Corporation which is known for its extraordinary products and services.

This news became live on internet after a short while after which the Apple Corporation added a short status on its user page in order to calm down the users. In the message, it was mentioned that the users of iCloud are not getting proper services. There are some problems with a few of Apple services including cloud documents and iPhoto Journals Photo Stream. The data sharing and storage services are also down. It was also written that the iCloud uswrs may face problems in downloading and sending any attachment.

After a while, Apple Corporation mentioned that only 1% of their total users are facing this problem with their iCloud. Though, 1% is a very small number but not for a giant company like Apple as, its customers are in billions and 1% means that millions of its customers are facing this issue.

Apple Incorporation has to think seriously about his downtime as this is not the first time Apple is facing this problem, this happened in the past as well. Apple faced even bigger downtime on June 26th of the same year. The strange thing is that it was iCloud that created problem that time just like it did last week. This affected almost 20% of the total iCloud users. The same thing also happened on 23rd April when millions of Apple customers faced problems with their iCloud for more than 27 hours.

This clearly suggests that Apple needs to have a more efficient technology for its cloud services as it is not only affecting its brand image but also creating problems for its users most of which are business tycoons working globally.

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